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Europes Top Research Laboratories

Europes Top Research Laboratories

CERN Laboratory

CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research, museum building in Geneva, Switzerland.


Europe is the proud home of a number of fantastic research laboratories and facilities, offering research teams the chance to complete cutting edge work, furthering our understanding of the world and beyond. Here, we celebrate just three of the continent’s top research laboratories, which continue to push boundaries and human knowledge.


Investigating the very birth of the galaxy, the Large Hadron Collider in CERN is attempting to answer the age old question, “From where did we come?” By attempting to recreate the exact conditions at year 0, the facility is the most complex experimental facility ever built and the largest machine in the world.

Located 175 metres below the planet’s surface across the France-Switzerland border, near Geneva, the Large Hadron Collider is operated by thousands of scientists, collaborating on what could be the biggest scientific breakthrough in human history. The potential of the machine justifies the tens of billions of pounds which have been spent on the machine.

The Large Hadron Collider first went live in 2008, and operatives continue to push the facility harder and further – recently entering its second operational run.

Gran Sasso National Laboratory

Situated close to the Gran Sasso Mountain in Italy, the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (to give its mother tongue title) is a leading particle physics laboratory which first opened in 1989. The massive complex combines both an above-ground section and facilities which are buried deep beneath the mountain.

The laboratory’s team has been researching neutrinos in cooperation with CERN, with the latter directing a beam of muon neutrinos to the Gran Sasso lab since August 2006. At more than 450 miles away, this experiment takes place across a large stretch of the European mainland.

Laserlab Europe

More than just a single, simple lab, Laserlab Europe is a collection of 30 organisations across 16 countries within the continent, designed to help promote an inter-disciplinary network of European national laser laboratories. Increasing all research teams’ access to top quality research facilities can help maintain a healthy level of competition and strengthen Europe’s leading position in laser research.

Allowing research teams access to a greater variety of different research facilities can help significantly enhance their ability to conduct relevant and far-reaching research – progressing our understanding of lasers and their full potential.

Specialist laboratory manufacturer and furnisher, InterFocus, are a passionate advocate of the Laserlab Europe’s process and aims: “Creating top quality labs throughout Europe will only stand our researchers and scientists in better stead when conducting world-leading and industry-defining research. It is vital that all resources are being used to their maximum potential to ensure the scientific community and the wider world really benefits from the work being carried out.”

At the centre of Laserlab Europe’s aim is the intention of broadening the uses of lasers in research and applications – pushing laser technology into new directions and opening up new applications. Lasers for the environment is currently a hot topic for Laserlab Europe, exploring how the technology can support nature and the natural world.

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