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There are many different laboratory worktop materials that can be used in the laboratory environment. Below are the main lab worktop materials we work with and use on a regular basis, with Trespa being the No1 choice for many laboratory installations.

laboratory worktops | Trespa | Velstone | Iroko | Lab 20
TopLab®BASE is the robust and lasting panel for worktops and cabinetry applications where scratch and wear resistance are of great importance
TopLab®PLUS is the perfect surface for quality worktops with antibacterial properties and highly resistant to a wide variety of aggressive chemicals.
Velstone solid surface offers few attributes which are not available in conventional worktop materials, thus making it a desirable choice in areas where aesthetics, functionality and sustainability is off key importance.
Sheridan has developed the LAB20 work surface for use for the high demands of the education and healthcare sector. LAB20® is a solid surface and being homogeneous with a high chemical resistance, gives all the benefits of solid surfacing at a reduced cost.

Stainless Steel

We supply a wide range of 316-grade stainless steel work surfaces, from simple bench runs to complex work surfaces, where sinks, and filtration may be required. These are often used in areas that need to be kept sterile, for example hospital and medical research laboratories, and also in isotope laboratories.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy-resin work surfaces are produced from silica filled, heat-cured solid epoxy resin, formulated to achieve optimum chemical resistance. Our worktops have excellent mechanical strength and flatness, and are manufactured to precise dimensions. They are durable, easy to decontaminate and heat resistant

Iroko Wood

Iroko and similar hardwoods have been the traditional choice for school laboratory classrooms and chemistry and physics labs. The main advantage of using Iroko worktops is that they can easily be refurbished by sanding the top layer. The durable surface has resistance against attacks from acids, solvents and heat.


laminate work surfaces are made from the highest quality materials and are available in a wide range of colours and thickness cores. Manufactured in high-pressure laminate, these worktops are hard wearing and highly resistant to heat, moisture and abrasion. They incorporate a front edge seal to guard against water ingress from accidental spillages.


Bespoke Solutions

Worktops are precision cut to your requirements and installed by our experienced fitters. Our bespoke solutions are both cost and time effective. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for stainless steel, laminate or Iroko for your laboratory surfaces, each worktop is designed with practicality and productivity in mind.

Our design teams ensure that ergonomics and health and safety requirements are always taken into account when planning lab designs, resulting in a comfortable, practical and high quality end product.

Quality Assured

At InterFocus, we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying laboratory furniture and equipment for over 30 years. From research and commercial labs, to science classrooms, turnkey laboratory services and hospital and clinical labs, we’ve done it all.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive, full-service solution for a new or existing building, or have a lab that requires a complete refurbishment, our highly skilled team can help. Our experience and expertise guarantees a smooth and hassle-free experience from initial concept and design, all the way through to manufacturing and installation.

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