IPS Emergency Wash Stations

Why you need an IPS station

Safety Concerns are our Main Priority

Every lab using chemicals and other potentially hazardous substances requires an emergency eyewash and safety shower station. Eyewash stations must be available should a lab user accidentally splash their eyes with a harmful substance.

At InterFocus, our experienced team of designers and installers can fit emergency eyewash and shower stations to meet COSHH regulations for any laboratory environment. We value safety highly and want to ensure our solutions uphold all regulations and laws.

Whether your lab deals with hazardous chemicals or nanotechnology – you can be assured that our fittings will meet all necessary health and safety regulations while integrating seamlessly within any lab design and furniture.

IPS Emergency Eye Was Station in a laboratory

Meeting the Needs of Users

There are various types of eyewash stations and shower systems available to choose from. Our experienced team are on hand to advise you on which installations are best suited to your laboratory environment and the unique needs of your users.

The equipment we can offer:

  • Safety Showers

    Our safety showers can wash the head and body should a lab user have greater exposure to the hazardous substance. The showers are typically high-pressure and consequently aren’t suitable for washing the eyes.

    Instead, safety showers will usually facilitate lab users dealing with large quantities of hazardous materials or where they might have greater exposure.

  • Eyewash Stations

    Our eyewash stations are designed to wash away chemicals or hazardous substances quickly and easily from a user’s eyes before they seek any further medical assistance necessary. Typically, it’s recommended that a user washes their eyes for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes before obtaining further treatment.

    We’ve designed our eyewash stations to ensure maximum comfort, ease of use, and simplicity.

    Eyewash bottles are also sometimes kept in labs, allowing the user to flush their eyes very quickly with water following an injury. However, these aren’t a suitable replacement for a proper eyewash station, where the user can safely and correctly wash their eyes for the minimum length of time required.

  • Drench Hoses

    These allow the user to target a specific area on their body that was exposed to a hazardous substance. Drench hoses are a useful addition for users who cannot use a regular eyewash station or for instances where the eyewash station and shower station are unavailable.

    For example, drench hoses might prove to be more helpful in large-capacity laboratories with more users.

InterFocus Bespoke IPS Emergency Wash Stations

We offer bespoke IPS emergency wash stations for use in your laboratory. Speak to one of our dedicated consultants to discover how we can tailor our solutions to your needs.

In an emergency related to hazardous substances, it’s essential that your wash stations are easy to find, suits the laboratory layout and is as convenient as possible.

Here are some of the bespoke wash stations and additions we can offer:

  • Emergency Shower Stations
  • Emergency Eye Wash Stations
  • Designed to Integrate
  • Easy-to-remove panels to access services
  • Varying heights (low level/full height/floor to ceiling)
  • Choose the material that works best for you and your lab design – available materials include Melamine, Laminate or Trespa
low level emergency wash station IPS unit
ips wash station
Blue IPS Emergency Eye Was Station in a science lab

Whatever your needs are and whoever your users are – we can provide the perfect emergency wash station solutions tailored around you.

Contact us today to discuss the requirements for IPS stations on your next project.