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Running a cost-effective, well-organised lab that complies with health and safety regulations can be a tall order without the right advice and knowledge to back you up. At InterFocus, we pride ourselves on offering the very best laboratory consultation, design, build and furniture services. Our decades of experience in the industry means we’re well-placed to provide all types of labs with the best quality advice, knowledge and information.


Below, our expert collections of guides are just waiting to be discovered. From boosting lab efficiency to management support, our guide hub is here to help labs from any sector regardless of the scale of your operations.

Designing and Building Your Own Lab

Whether your current lab suite isn’t quite fit for purpose or you’re looking for planning advice, don’t get stuck in a whirlwind of what to do with your lab design and build. Instead, simplify the processes involved in creating your perfect laboratory with our great selection of dedicated guides and how-to blogs below.

Choosing Laboratory Materials & furniture

The materials and furniture you choose should work well with your lab’s design and layout, alongside working well for the intended use. Whether your lab is in an educational or scientific setting, our advice guides below can help you make the right decisions based on your lab’s requirements.

Working in a Laboratory Efficiently

Striving for efficiency is often an ongoing goal for any business. And with ever-changing advice on eco-friendly measures to take and best practices for sustainability, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Our guides to lab efficiency are regularly updated with the most relevant and recent information available, so you can always make sure you’re keeping up.

Tips for managers

Managing a laboratory can be incredibly rewarding, but sometimes it can be tough to make a call on what direction to take the business in. Costing, hiring, organising teams and keeping track of projects can all become overwhelming without the right tools. To ensure you’re fulfilling your potential and making the most of the resources at your disposal, check out our guides below tailored to lab management.

Keeping safe in your lab

Anybody that’s ever worked in or for a laboratory will understand the importance of upholding and maintaining safety standards. From the current regulations in place to best practices, we’ve collated all the top tips and advice for keeping safe around hazardous chemicals, fragile materials and everything in between.

Understanding and working with different materials & Chemicals

As is the nature of working in a lab, many different materials and chemicals will come into contact with one another. From safe chemical storage to cleaning up chemical spills, the advice guides below can help you maintain lab safety, longevity and sustainability.