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Fire Prevention Guide

Fire Prevention Guide

Fire prevention is extremely important in labs, where flammable chemicals and naked flames can make a dangerous partnership. Developing and following a proper fire prevention procedure is essential for preventing and containing both small bench-top fires and larger fires. Although large fires in labs are rare, it is not uncommon to experience a bench-top fire from time to time and it is essential for every lab to be well prepared should an emergency arise. From having clear emergency exits to all staff being well trained in what action to take in the event of a fire, having a proper fire procedure can be the difference between a small incident and a serious fire. It can also save lives.

Labs typically have a high potential for fires, particularly if solvents are used and stored in the lab. Flash fires, explosions, rapid spread of fire, and high toxicity of flammable substances are all possible consequences of an emergency situation in a lab, and fire prevention is key to minimising these risks. Storing chemicals properly is central to preventing fires in many lab settings, as something as simple as putting the wrong substance in the wrong container can lead to a major chemical incident. Good housekeeping is also vital for fire prevention in a lab, with a tidy workplace making it easier to both prevent fires from happening, and prevent them from spreading.

Staff training also plays an important role in fire prevention, helping minimise the risk of fire and stop it from spreading if one does occur. Training staff to recognise how fires start and spread is an effective way to ensure working practices in the lab are best designed to prevent fires from occurring. In the event of a small fire, swift and effective action can often make the difference between a small incident and a catastrophic emergency. Staff training is key to ensuring that every member of the lab is able to take effective action as quickly as possible in the event of a fire.

We’ve made this fire prevention guide specifically for science labs, to highlight the potential fire hazards and give guidance on how fire can be prevented.

Fire Prevention Guide

If you want to upgrade your lab to make sure it is optimally designed for the prevention of fires, the team at InterFocus may be able to help. For more information about our bespoke fitted labs, visit our homepage or call our team on 01223 894 833. 

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