Trespa TopLab Base

Trespa® Toplab®Base Worksurfaces


Trespa Toplab Base (formerly Trespa Athlon) panels are specifically designed for interior applications. Their integrated decorative surface is designed for intensive use making it an ideal cost effective worksurface for laboratories.

It is impact, scratch and wear resistant. Panels are easy to keep clean and as they do not absorb or retain moisture they can be cleaned frequently, using standard cleaning agents or strong disinfectants. In addition to the cost effective Trespa Toplab Base laboratory worksurface, Trespa TopLab Plus provides the best Trespa worksurface for laboratory & hospital environments.

Standard Trespa stock colours

E0-00 White Trespa Toplab base
E0-00 White
E25-01 Icey Blue Trespa TopLab Base
E25-01 Icey Blue
Speckled White Trespa Toplab base
S0-00 Speckled White
Speckled Silver Grey Trespa TopLab Base
S0-02 Speckled Silver Grey
Speckled Aquamarine TopLab Base
S20-12 Speckled Aquamarine
Speckled Icey Blue Trespa TopLab base
S25-01 Speckled Icey Blue
Speckled Powder Blue Trespa TopLab Base
S17-32 Speckled Powder Blue
E0-02 Silver Grey Trespa TopLab Base
E0-02 Silver Grey
Sand Trespa TopLab Base
E3-01 Sand
Speckled Pastel Grey Trespa TopLab Base
S0-015 Speckled Pastel Grey
Speckled Sand Trespa TopLab Base
S3-01 Speckled Sand

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Impact Resistance

The combination of a solid, homogenous core with a hard surface based on melamine resins gives Trespa Athlon exceptional impact resistance. It provides a reasonable cost laboratory worktop that gives years of maintenance free use.

Scratch Resistance

The special surface structure and durability provide excellent scratch resistance. Even in heavy-duty use, Trespa Athlon retains its appearance for a very long time. The panel is highly resistant to wear, making it ideal for installation where heavy use and frequent cleaning are expected.enance free use.

Moisture Resistance

Trespa Toplab Base is not adversely affected by moisture and is not susceptible to discoloration, mould or rot. Both the surface and the core are manufactured using specific, thermosetting resins, which make them impervious to moisture. The dimensional stability and workability of Trespa Toplab Base are comparable to those of hardwood.

Safe Fire Behaviour

Trespa Athlon is heat resistant and meets the requirements of national and international fire classifications for safe fire behaviour. Due to the high density, Trespa Athlon ignites at relatively high temperature and carbonises in a way similar to (hard)wood. The panel material does not melt, drip or explode and retains its stability for a long period of time.

Environmental Considerations

Life Cycle analysis and reports by independent third parties confirm that Trespa products impact the environment less than alternative materials.
Read more about Trespa and the environment.

Our standard finishes

We have a range of standard finish options for worktops using our PCD (diamond tooling) on our Weeke CNC machine.

2mm chamfer top/bottom and polished edge
6mm rad top / 2mm chamfer bottom, polished edge
6mm rad top / bottom polished edge
Polished edge only

These finishes are available for worktop thicknesses 16 and 20mm.

At certain times of the year stock levels can change siginificantly. Please check lead time and availability with our estimating department

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