Laboratory Desks and Write Up Areas

Laboratory and Office Desks and Write Up Areas

We know how important it is to have practical, efficient and user-friendly furniture.

Our range of lab desks and tables can either be supplied ‘off-the-shelf’ or customised to your needs.

laboratory desks and write up areas
Desks and write up areas

We have a selection of furniture ideal for researchers, nurses, technicians, scientists, engineers and students alike. Over the years we have installed furniture across dry labs, write-up areas, prep rooms, classrooms and veterinary practices.

As a result of our extensive experience, we have refined the design of our products for optimal usability, quality and longevity. Our range of standard and bespoke laboratory desks and write up areas is second to none, providing our clients with the highest quality product for the longest possible time.

This ensures our clients get the best value for money possible. Browse through the images below to see just a small sample of the different types of desks, tables, write-up areas and height adjustable (DDA compliant) products that we offer:

MRC Lab write up areas
Bespoke Laboratory Write Up Areas
Large office installation along with lab
Large office installation
Bespoke solutions to coordinate with the lab area

Using worktops such as Trespa, Velstone & Melamines, these worktops are ideal when a complex design is required. For instance you might need a special shaped desktop, if so, our design team will be able to customise the work surface for you. Our standard office desk range is available in a variety of colours in popular melamine and laminate finishes.


General Offices

We can also make bespoke office furniture solutions for our clients, desks and pedestal furniture can be made in a wide range of colours and wood finishes. Each office can be tailored to your exact needs.

Active Desks – Height Adjustable Desk for DDA compliance

The active, or height adjustable desk allows the user to adapt the desk or bench to suit them and their working position at the touch of a button. This range is ideal if, for example, you need an adjustable microscope table. It is also ideal for ensuring your workspace is DDA compliant.

Our simple, easy-to-use active desk system provide stability and a smooth transition when adjusting the height. We offer an extensive range of worktops to compliment the active desk system including MDF, melamine, laminate, trespa and velstone. Available in both electric and hand crank versions.


height adjustable desk solution for DDA compliance
height adjustable tables
height adjustable lab desk
lab desk with sink and taps height adjustable
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