Fume Extraction

Laboratory Fume Extraction

We can supply and install all types of fume cupboards and fume extraction solutions, meeting the individual needs of our varied customer base. With over 25 years of experience working across all sectors on the design and refurbishment of laboratories, we have developed a thorough and complete understanding of our clients’ needs and we are well-placed to recommend the right solution for you based on your particular lab set-up, user requirements and budget. Get in touch with our technical team for advice on the various product and installation options available to you.

Why you need fume extraction

There many types of dust and fumes that are hazardous to an individuals health if inhaled. Fumes and dust can cause respiratory disease or aggravate a persons existing condition such as Asthma.

Even inhaling very small amounts of fumes or dust over time can cause long term issues.

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InterFocus fume extraction solutions provide:

  • Compliance with Health and Safety regulations
  • A clean, safe work environment for your employees
  • Reduced cleaning in the lab
  • Reduce contamination of lab samples
  • Pumped extract systems
  • LEV extract systems

All types of laboratory need fume extraction, whether in a pharmaceutical, industrial, healthcare or educational setting. An effective fume extraction solution will capture, contain and enable the filtration of fumes, resulting in a healthier and safer working environment for those using the laboratory. Our fume extraction solutions have been designed to provide compliance with the latest safety standards and regulations, offering high quality, great performance, durability, functionality and value for money.

The following are useful documents regarding LEV from the Health and Safety Executive website. They provide helpful information on choosing, purchasing and using local exhaust ventilation (LEV). As explained by the HSE, often LSV is ineffective because it is the wrong type or it has been installed incorrectly. Working with InterFocus, you can be confident that your choice of extraction will be ideal for your specific laboratory and will be installed to the highest standards of workmanship, ensuring that it functions as it should.

Clearing the Air (HSE)

Time to clear the Air (HSE)

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We can provide all types of fume cupboards and fume extraction solutions

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