Velstone Worktops

Velstone Laboratory Worktops

Traditionally, 3-13mm thick solid surface materials bonded on 25mm MDF are used to manufacture solid surface laboratory worktops. The fabrication process, however, is labour-intensive and expensive.

Velstone has developed a solid 25mm thick product which does not require conventional fabrication or MDF support. We are proud to offer factory pre-finished and ready-to-install worktops at considerable cost savings compared to traditional versions.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless Surfaces

    Say goodbye to bulky, unsightly worktops and welcome the seamless surfaces on offer from Velstone into your lab. With no visible joint lines and smooth transitions across different sections, you won’t have to worry about dust and dirt collecting in crevices or gaps.

    Velstone work surfaces are easy to clean and provide your lab with stylish worktop solutions to elevate your overall look.

  • Repairable

    Quick repairs on any accidental damage are possible. The durability of the worktops is second to none.

    If they do become damaged in any way, our customer care team are always available to help solve any issues throughout the standard 10-year warranty period and beyond if you choose.

  • Perfect Solution for Sweeping Curved Tops

    Velstone Laboratory Worktops are manufactured using the customer’s specific dimensions. Large worktops are assembled into smaller, more manageable pieces, typically up to 3000mm in length. A near-invisible joint joins them together before being polished and ready for use. Visit our showroom to see our Velstone solutions up close.

    Velstone offers a manufacturer’s standard 10-year limited warranty on all their solutions, benefitting you with excellent customer service from installation to repairs.

  • Easy care and Maintenance

    Scratches and stains can be removed with ease, allowing for low-effort cleaning.

    The resilient material and finish will protect your worktops from surface-level damage and keep them looking their best for longer.

Our Standard Edge Detail Options

We have a range of standard finish options for worktops using our PCD (diamond tooling) on our Weeke CNC machines.

  • 2mm chamfer top/bottom and polished edge
  • 6mm rad top / 2mm chamfer bottom, polished edge
  • 6mm rad top / bottom polished edge
  • Polished edge only
velstone soft white
Colour: Soft White
velstone silver dust
Colour: Silver Dust
velstone silver ash
Colour: Silver Ash
velstone packice
Colour: Packice

Suitable Applications of Velstone Worktops

Solid Velstone worktops are dependable, making them practical solutions for numerous applications within the Education and Healthcare sectors.

Laboratory worktops

Pedestal tables

School teacher's desks

Speak to our experienced project management team to find out if this worktop solution would be a good fit for you.

velstone curved worktops
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