Ancillary Items

Laboratory Ancillary Items from InterFocus

A lot more goes into a laboratory than just furniture, worktops and frames. There are also many ancillary items to consider such as lab taps and fittings, laboratory sinks and waste systems, safe storage solutions for your chemicals and acids along with efficient fume extraction. In addition we have teamed up with many leading laboratory equipment suppliers so that your new equipment can be also be purchased and installed during the laboratory build rather than after the laboratory build is complete enabling our clients to minimise downtime and costs.


Whether we are sourcing a simple laboratory sink and taps or an extensive chemical storage solution with fume extraction, we look for exceptional performance and durability in all of our recommended ancillary equipment. All of the products we supply have been widely used by our client base through the years and we are confident of their quality, safety and longevity. Our clients can concentrate on their business with full confidence that the ancillary items we have recommended will function perfectly for years to come.