Mobile Benches

Mobile Laboratory Benches and Trolleys

We understand how important it is to have flexible furniture in your laboratory, both to maximise its use and extend the lifespan of the design. We offer a wide range of versatile, movable laboratory benches that can be positioned and re-positioned throughout the laboratory to meet your changing needs.

Each of our mobile laboratory benches comes with a selection of different worktops such as Trespa or Velstone, and all have lockable castors as standard for the user’s safety. We can also manufacture any of our mobile benches with a stainless steel frame for use in a clean room or hospital environment.

Our mobile benches can include integrated furniture

Our mobile laboratory benches can be fitted with cupboards and shelving to help you make the very best use of your space. Use the space above the desk to add a useful shelf, or add cupboards or drawers under the desk to incorporate handy storage space. We offer complete flexibility of design to meet your individual needs and help you get the very best from your laboratory space. Why not give our knowledgeable team a call? We will be happy to discuss the options available to you and advise you on the best mobile solutions for your laboratory environment.

Your choice of worktops

Your mobile workbenches can be fitted with your choice of worktops, depending on what your laboratory will be used for and your personal design preferences.

Choose a high quality Trespa worktop for your mobile workbench and you’ll benefit from its heavy duty, scratch resistant surface which is naturally antibacterial. Tesla’s products are chemically resistant and well known to withstand the accumulation of dirt, making them easy to keep clean.

Alternatively, choose Velstone for a traditional solid non-porous seamless surface that resists scratches and stains and is repairable in the case of accidental damage.

Both brands will enhance the appearance of your lab while offering practical durability and an impressive product lifespan.

mb series mobile frame system

MB1 Mobile Bench

mb1 mobile benches

The mb1 mobile bench has two furniture units that can be selected and an open shelf area. From the rear the mb1 has an inset space allowing for the user to use a lab chair and work at the bench.

MB2 Mobile Bench

mb2 mobile benches

The mb2 mobile bench has a 300mm deep Trespa or Melamine shelf below the worktop. This is set 266mm from the floor height.

Dimensions: 1500mm wide or 1200mm wide or 1000mm x 750d x 930h

MB3 Mobile Bench

mb3 mobile benches

The mb3 mobile bench has two cupboard units and an open shelf area. Above the worktop is a fixed Melamine or Trespa shelf.

Dimensions: 1500w x 738d x 930h, Shelf -1400h

MB4 Mobile Bench

mb4 mobile benches

The mb4 mobile bench is a simple open bench format.

Dimensions: 1500mm wide or 1200mm wide or 1000mm x 750d x 930h

mobile benches and trolleys