Laboratory Taps and Fittings

Laboratory Taps and Fittings

Our laboratory taps and fittings are perfect for use in any type of laboratory.
We supply an extensive range of taps that offer excellent quality, exceptional reliability and functionality
and fantastic long-term value for money – whatever your sector.

We only work with trusted, leading brands such as BROEN-LAB, WATERSAVER and BROWNALL
and our extensive product knowledge allows us to guide you towards the best taps and fittings for your individual laboratory’s needs.

BROEN-LAB Laboratory Taps and Showers

BROEN was founded in 1948 and through years of product development and innovation, it has established itself as a well-known and trusted brand. BROEN-LAB taps are easy to operate and configure, making them ideal for all types of laboratory including industrial, educational and healthcare environments. BROEN-LAB prides itself on understanding the changing needs of its customer base and invests substantially in refining its designs. Every product is created with quality, durability, functionality and above all, safety in mind, As a result, the BROEN-LAB brand is the number one choice for many types of lab.

broen laboratory taps
watersaver lab taps

WaterSaver Laboratory Taps and Showers

watersaver logoWaterSaver has been supplying laboratories with taps since the 1950s and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers. The Company has focused solely on the laboratory market, allowing them to fully understand the rapidly changing needs of the lab user in different environments. Their manufacturing plant only produces lab fittings, making them true specialists in the supply of laboratory taps and fittings. They proudly boast that there are no outsourced parts, giving them complete control over the quality, durability and performance of every product.

Brownall Laboratory Taps

brownall lab taps logoBased in the West Midlands, Brownall Labtap is a leading supplier of laboratory equipment in the UK. Brownall fittings comply with appropriate safety standards and have been thoroughly tested, making them ideal for healthcare, industrial and educational labs. Its extensive range includes water and gas valves and cocks, chemical waste fittings and much more. Brownall prides itself in using only the very best materials in the construction of its products. One of its signature products is the Lift & Turn gas tap with a two-action safety handle that does not allow the valve to be turned accidentally. These are especially popular in school labs.

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Range options

Broen-Lab Range
  • Pure Gases
  • Water
  • Special & Chilled Water
  • Burning / Vacuum / Oxygen Gases
  • Hospitals
  • Chemical Waste
  • Emergency Shower Systems (IPS Stations)
WaterSaver Range
  • Laboratory Water Valves & Faucets
  • High Flow Water Valves
  • Pressure Regulator Fixtures
  • Remote Control Valves & Fittings
  • Foot Operated Faucets
  • Emergency Eyewash & Showers (IPS Stations)
  • Laboratory Water & Gas Taps
Brownall Range
  • Water and Gas Valves
  • Bench and Wal Mounted Options
  • Fume Cupboard Controls
  • Emergency Showers and Eyewash
  • Chemical Waste Fittings
We can provide and install an extensive range of taps and accessories
from all the leading brands