Trespa TopLab PLUS Align

Trespa® Toplab®PLUS Align Worksurfaces

Trespa TopLab PLUS Align is a new environmentally sustainable work surface from Trespa, containing up to 85% bio-based carbon content, it is resistant to the most aggressive chemicals and is easy to clean and/or disinfect and offers the same advantages as Trespa TopLab Plus. It can be easily machined and adapted to the technical needs of the laboratory. Trespa TopLab PLUS Align is used in chemical, analytical, micro-biological and educational laboratories and is the ideal solution for new projects with an emphasis on sustainability.

Standard Colours

pure white
T05.0.0 Pure White
T03.4.0 Silver Grey
T03.4.0 Silver Grey
Mid Grey
T07.4.8 Mid Grey
T90.0.0 Black
T90.0.0 Black
Pastel Blue Trespa Toplab Align
T22.7.1 Pastel Blue
Pastel Green
T37.7.3 Pastel Green

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Chemical Resistance

Trespa TopLab PLUS Align is manufactured using a process (including EBC technology) that Trespa International BV has developed and patented. Trespa TopLab PLUS Align is a self-supporting flat panel with a cellulose fibre reinforced phenolic resin core containing up to 85% bio-based carbon content. Each panel has an integrated, decorative surface based on pigmented, electron beam cured resins which are resistant to the most aggressive chemicals, and easy to clean and maintain.

Biological and Chemical Laboratories

By definition, biochemical and medical laboratories need to be extremely clean and sterile. Because experiments and test results depend on non-contamination, working surfaces have to be exceptionally resistant, impervious and hygienic. If sustainability is at the heart of your organisation then Trespa TopLab Plus Align is the ideal worktop solution.

Chemical and Analytical Laboratories

Working surfaces in laboratories have to be very resistant to aggressive chemicals and other deleterious matter and to anything which is likely to contaminate experiments or test results. Because of its excellent chemical resistance, performance and hygiene, Trespa TopLab PLUS Align is used in chemical, research, micro-biological and teaching laboratories worldwide that require a environmentally sustainable solution.

Physical and Educational Laboratories

Trespa® TopLab® PLUS ALIGN, has been awarded the highest OK bio-based rating of 4 stars by the accredited certification institute TÜV Austria. This 4 star rating certifies that the product contains more than 80% carbon of renewable origin. With up to 85% bio-based carbon content Trespa® TopLab® PLUS ALIGN sets a new standard for the industry.  This exciting new product from Trespa is the perfect solution for BREEAM projects.

Standard finish options

We have a range of standard finish options for worktops using our PCD (diamond tooling) on our Weeke CNC machines.

2mm chamfer top/bottom and polished edge
6mm rad top / 2mm chamfer bottom, polished edge
6mm rad top / bottom polished edge
Polished edge only

These finishes are available for worktop thicknesses 16 and 20mm.

85% biobased
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