Laboratory Benching

Laboratory Benching Systems from InterFocus

Our flexible laboratory benching systems are used in a huge variety of educational, pharmaceutical, healthcare and industrial labs.
We are proud of our robust and reliable furniture range.

Each has been designed to give you maximum flexibility, along with clean lines and practical design features that improve workflow. Even for the most demanding lab, our design team can create a custom bench for your needs.  Here at our showroom in Cambridge we can give you a detailed tour of all the benching options, as well as ancillary furniture such as shelving, sinks, taps, fume cupboards and emergency wash stations.
You can read more about our full service approach and efficient installation service in our case studies.

Which type of laboratory benching is right for you?

Our systems

Each of our furniture systems was designed with a specific use in mind. Choose a single system to furnish your entire lab or mix and match from our range to meet specific needs across different areas. For example, our H frame system is perfect for areas where heavy duty equipment must be stored, while our Suspended Frame system is ideal for areas that require regular, thorough cleaning. Our i3 Cantilever frame is perfect for areas where a lot of the floor space will be taken up by equipment, while our mobile benches and trolleys give you moveable workspace with a choice of popular worktops (including Velstone and Trespa) and lockable castors for optimum versatility.

Long lasting performance

Whichever range you choose, you’ll find our products to be sturdy, functional and aesthetically pleasing. We’ve perfected the durability of each of our products through innovative design and use of the best quality materials – assuring you of long-lasting high performance.

Bespoke solutions

Our range of laboratory benching includes plenty of optional extras that can be used to customise your space and enhance the appearance of your lab. From under bench panels and shelving to under bench furniture, we can ensure that every inch of space in your laboratory is used in the most efficient, practical and effective way.

mobile frame system for analytical lab