Why is Trespa the Best Choice for Your Lab?

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When you’re designing and building a lab, you want your materials, equipment and work surfaces to be of optimum quality. At the forefront of scientific surface solutions since it was founded in 1960, Trespa knows a thing or two about quality. Built to the high-standards and demands of its consumers, not to mention the rigorous codes and standards of modern laboratories, Trespa is more often than not the worktop of choice for research and educational environments.

The right worktop is crucial to the design of a laboratory. Here, we’ll show you just why Trespa is the best choice for your lab, as well as which type of Trespa worktop is suitable for which type of lab.

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Trespa Toplab Base

If your lab is to stand up to scratches, wear and tear, it needs to be able to take a beating. Trespa Toplab Base is a long-lasting worktop that’s hefty, strong and robust. Designed for intensive interior use, the impact, wear and scratch-resistant material is a cost-effective essential for laboratories.

Its Toplab Base surfaces are made from a combination of a solid, homogeneous core and a melamine resin-based hard surface. The reinforced build means impact resistance that’s up to the task of heavy-duty use with minimal maintenance year after year. Additionally, the special surface is especially resistant to scratches, even after repeated use, so it maintains its appearance ‘as new’ long after your lab’s been built. When heavy use and frequent cleaning are involved, Toplab Base’s scratch-resistant surfaces stay as new whatever they’re put through.

Toplab Base is never troubled by discolouration, mould or rot, and since they’re built using thermosetting resins, they stay impervious to moisture, much like the heft and stability of hardwood and similar materials. In the same way, it’s heat resistant, retaining its stability over time without melting, dripping or exploding.

Since classrooms and educational laboratories are used by such a large amount of people and subject to heavy, repeated use, they need work surfaces that perform under these conditions. Durable and easy to maintain, Toplab Base is the go-to choice for labs of this kind, one that InterFocus would highly recommend.

Trespa Toplab Plus

A lab that works with a wide range of aggressive, dangerous chemicals needs surfaces that are up to the challenge. Built to match the needs of a variety of environments, Trespa Toplab PLUS is used across the globe by chemical, analytical and micro-biological.

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Manufactured using a special proprietary process developed and patented by Trespa, Toplab Plus is reinforced with cellulose fibre, adding optimal strength to its phenolic resin core. Its integrated, decorative surfaces are easy to clean, and highly resistant) to chemical spills and other destructive matter, for up to 24 hours. For this reason, they work exceptionally well in chemical and analytical laboratories where the chances of test results and experiments are likely to be contaminated.

The Trespa Toplab Plus does require greater care and maintenance than the Base, however, so we’d recommend this option for specialist laboratories and higher educational institutes with teams dedicated to maintaining their working environment.

Trespa Toplab Vertical

In environments where an abundance of dirt and bacteria can collect, Trespa Toplab Vertical is essential for cabinetry, lining fume hoods and splashbacks, and covering modular elements. Made with a high-pressure compact laminate, and fabricated with wood-based fibres and thermosetting resins, the addition of Trespa’s EBC technology results in a smooth, pore-free structure, low dirt accumulation and superb, all-round hygienic performance.

Easy to clean, disinfect and decontaminate, Toplab Vertical panels are suited to a number of environments, including pharmaceutical and lab settings.

Since Trespa’s products are so low maintenance, they require very little in the way of cleaning and upkeep. They offer form as well as function too, with a range of modern, eye-catching colours and grains, that make the aesthetic concerns of laboratory design simple and straightforward. Plus, the unique properties of these durable panels mean Trespa offer a 10-year conditional guarantee on its line of products. A superb choice for those looking for long-lasting, low maintenance panelling for their laboratories.

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