10 Cool Jobs in Science You Didn’t Know Existed [Infographic]

Female engineers working on robotic arm development

With such an extraordinary breadth of fields to study, there are plenty of cool, strange and unusual science jobs that you may not have heard of. Rather than being confined to their labs, some scientists move into areas that seem more akin to something from a Hollywood movie or your favourite TV show.

Others, while not what you’d perhaps term cool, aren’t exactly a regular 9 to 5 either and are very much a far cry from what springs to mind when you think of a scientist. From the deepest expanses of the ocean floor to the jaws of carnivorous reptiles, these odd jobs find their labourers conducting research in some pretty strange locales, far away from the usual lab or office that many will be used to.

Infographic: Cool and Unusual Jobs in Science

While some of these jobs are logical – but interesting – extensions of existing branches of science, others are maybe not what you’d expect to hear about. Some of these jobs may make you envious of the lucky professionals who venture out in the field every day. Others may make you feel grateful for the warmth and comfort of your lab or office. But, we’re sure they’ll all raise a wry smile and an admiration for those who go further in their pursuit of science.

So, to salute the scientists who do the work others might not be willing to deal with, we’ve created this infographic of cool and weird science jobs you didn’t know existed that runs the gamut from intrepid and intriguing to dangerous and… disgusting? Read on for more…

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