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New Water Testing Facility for Welsh Water

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New Water Testing Facility for Welsh Water

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Welsh Water Testing Facility

The site, a former HSBC call centre, at Tredegar Park, Newport, employs 50 staff who carry out biological and chemical testing on drinking water for the 1.4 million homes and businesses across the area. Every year Welsh Water carries out approximately 750,000 wide-ranging analysis of drinking water samples to ensure the highest possible quality for its customers.

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This work was previously contracted out to external companies but is now undertaken in-house by teams at its two laboratories in Newport and Bretton. Welsh Water, Bretton was another site where InterFocus completed the installation of a new laboratory within their existing office facility. Further information regarding this project can be found on our website.

Welsh Water have created a real centre of excellence and have heavily invested in the latest analytical technology, using automation where possible to drive down costs encountered by the customer and streamline the processes carried out within the facility – significantly benefitting the millions of people using Welsh Water every day.

Over the coming years Welsh Water is investing around £1.4bn in its water and sewerage network. This significant investment will help improve the standard of water testing and analysis in Wales – benefiting much of the population. Dedicated to providing safe drinking water for the country, Welsh Water relies on high-quality laboratory provisions and the latest water testing technology.

ITV News on Welsh Water

Watch the local ITV news clip when they visited the site opening.

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