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What Will Be Big Science News in 2016?

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What Will Be Big Science News in 2016?

Predicting Science in 2016

At InterFocus, one of our favourite things about working with the science community is the insights we get to the next big discoveries and developments. We are always excitedly looking forward to the next bit of big news, and with 2016 just days away we are taking this opportunity to look forward to the biggest anticipated news from the worlds of science and tech over the next 12 months.

China’s Mega Tunnel

China will embark upon an ambitious plan to create a 76 mile undersea tunnel in 2016, a structure which will be longer than the combined length of the world’s two longest existing underwater tunnels. Connecting Dalian with Yantai, the £24bn project is expected to take less than five years to finish and will consist of three parallel tunnels (one for cars, one for trains and one for maintenance). The project will require the engineering team to overcome a number of potential problems – not least the fact that the tunnels travel over two major earthquake fault lines.

Space Hotel

Space tourism has long been a hot topic, with the likes of Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace trying to pioneer extra-terrestrial holidays. 2016 could be a landmark year for those who are bored of holidaying on Earth, with Russian space group, Energiya, looking to launch the first ever space hotel in partnership with US firm, Orbital Technologies. With a capacity of seven people and a celebrity chef-crafted menu, the hotel will truly be out of this world.

Triple Parent Baby

A lot of work has been put into developing IVF technology which allows the DNA of three adults to be used to create a baby. Current regulations state that a female donor used in the process must be anonymous, so three best friends can’t buddy together to baby up. It is hoped that this move will help prevent rare, genetic disorders and illnesses.

Robot Farmers

Farming and agriculture has come a long way since the days of farmers slicing away at crops with sickles – and fully automated farms are expected to launch. Intelligent algorithms are being developed as we speak to manage the work on a farm – and it is anticipated that some of these will be released throughout 2016.

Sunburn Protection Pills

Despite being located on the opposite end of the planet, British scientists figured out that coral in the Great Barrier Reef contained a special compound which offered protection against the rays of the sun. Using this, scientists are now competing to release the first pill which protects against the damaging effects of the sun.

Plastic Pounds

In 2016, the Royal Mint will be releasing polypropylene bank notes. Utilising intelligent design and manufacturing techniques, these new notes will offer a range of benefits that the old notes can’t muster, including increased resistance to dirt and moisture. Additionally, the capacity for increased security features makes them more difficult to counterfeit and they will boast a life span 250% as long as traditional notes.

If you and your research team are currently working on a big 2016 breakthrough but are being held up by an insufficient research lab, the InterFocus team may be able to help. For more information about how InterFocus could help you, visit our case studies page or call us now on 01223 894833.

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