Project Brief


University of Kent

Project Type

Lab Refurbishment

University of Kent Ingram Building

An installation of new laboratory research facilities at the university’s new Ingram Building Centre for Molecular Processing. A mixture of fixed end of peninsular furniture alongside mobile furniture on castors, allowing staff to allocate furniture as required for each bench.

The mobile furniture provision has given the staff added freedom in the workspaces – allowing them to adapt the rooms to specific situations and circumstances. This was a vital component of the project with the university keen to avoid rigid, fix furnishings which struggle to accommodate a variety of different purposes.

Having recently celebrated their 50th birthday, the University of Kent are keen to ensure their workspaces are completely future-proof — accommodating new syllabuses, teaching methods and trends.

Made from strong and durable materials, the furnishings are designed for long-term usage – providing a base for generations of students to advance their knowledge of the molecular sciences. The long-lasting and durable pieces of furniture also offer complete peace of mind for students and course leaders alike, by completely removing the potential risk of malfunctions or deterioration.

Housed in a beautiful rural setting, the Ingram Building provides a wonderful setting for scientific research. We were careful to tastefully design the furniture for the Ingram Building as not to disrupt the beauty of the surrounding areas.

Main Scope of Works

  • Installation of vinyl flooring
  • Installation of all mechanical & electrical services
  • Installation of fume cupboards and extraction system
  • Manufacture and installation of laboratory furniture

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