i4 Suspended Frame System

The i4 Suspended Frame System

Our i4 Suspended Frame System has been designed for the laboratory that requires hygiene and constant cleaning. Shelves and furniture are suspended underneath the worktop rather than resting on the floor, allowing easy cleaning underneath each unit. The system is the ideal solution for hospitals or infection control laboratories where it is essential that dirt, dust and other contaminates do not collect around and underneath laboratory furniture. However, many of our customers from other sectors opt for this system because of its obvious practical benefits.

The design of the i4 system is sleek and modern, giving your lab an attractive, stylish appearance. You can optionally introduce under bench panels to further improve the aesthetics of this system and add to its practicality. You can also fully customise the system with your choice of furniture, maximising every inch of your lab with practical storage. Add drawers and cupboards underneath, shelves on top or use the system to create an island. Fit sinks and power supplies where you need them, without any limitations. This flexible solution gives you full control of your laboratory’s layout, without any concern that more furniture means more collected dust and dirt.

Not sure which frame system to choose?

If you are wondering whether the i4 Suspended Frame System is for you, speak to our friendly, knowledgeable team and find out more. We’ve been designing and fitting laboratories for over 25 years now and we have extensive knowledge of the products that best serve our customers.

Our i4 Suspended Frame System is manufactured in-house using the very best quality materials and manufacturing processes. We can adapt this system to cater for your specific requirements, or create a completely fresh system that perfectly matches your laboratory’s needs. Call us today to find out more.

i4 suspended frame laboratory system

Basic Technical Data for the i4 System

suspended frame i4 system
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