i5 Fixed Furniture System

The i5 fixed lab furniture frameless system

Our i5 Fixed Furniture Frameless System is a simple system that allows worktops to be fixed directly onto your choice of laboratory furniture. With no frame involved, we create a clean, simple, and classic appearance that’s well suited to lab environments of all kinds.

fixed furniture lab installation

Why the i5?

Our frameless system has several benefits. Firstly, the worktops rest directly on cabinets or drawers, providing a highly sturdy base that is ideal for labs needing to store heavy equipment on the worktops. You can be assured that our i5 lab benches are robust and safe, no matter what you need to use them for. Compare this with our suspended or cantilever systems and you will immediately appreciate that our frameless solution is particularly well suited for heavy-load applications.

Secondly, our frameless system makes fantastic use of every inch of your available space. By working with our full range of shelving, allowing you to create a substantial amount of valuable storage in your lab.

Lastly, it provides plenty of versatility since you can choose whatever furniture you want, tailoring it to your business’s needs.

i5 fixed furniture laboratory system

What type of lab is the i5 system suitable for?

This simple pedestal fixed furniture system is best suited to labs with more floor capacity, which don’t require their furniture system to be flexible.

Of all our laboratory bench types, the i5 fixed furniture system is most suited to a wider range of labs. This is because you choose the furniture that utilises your space best. You can optimise your bench space with our standard and bespoke options.

All our component furniture is manufactured in-house to exceptional standards, assuring you of a long-lasting quality installation that will serve your lab for many years to come.

Basic technical data for the i5 fixed furniture system

i5 fixed furniture system
i5 fixed furniture example dims