BIM laboratory Furniture Design

InterFocus and Revit Laboratory Furniture families

By using BIM at InterFocus it allows us to insert our model space into the Architects or Designers building model and integrate our designs with those of the structural and M&E contractors. Revit’s 4D tools allow Architects and designers to plan and track various cycles during the building lifecycle and provides a significant leap in the management of construction projects.

Using intelligent 3D building design tools, such as Autodesk AutoCad, Inventor and Revit Architecture, we are able to provide 2D layouts coupled with 3D design renders using the chosen colour schemes from the client to provide an accurate model of the laboratory design layout.

InterFocus Revit Family blocks are available for our full range of laboratory furniture solutions to aid you in bringing the planning and design phase of a project. For more information please contact us or speak with our BIM specialist on 01223 894833.

3D laboratory design
office 3D layout

Choosing InterFocus for your next BIM project

As more Architects and Designs teams collectively use BIM to develop and provide their final project design it has become easier to project manage the various scopes of works much earlier in the design process and allows BIM collaborators to fix issues that arise before long before construction is under way.

By using a laboratory furniture specialist such as InterFocus and our BIM Laboratory Furniture families, planners and designers can integrate this all within the design model and bring overall design coordination to a much higher level.