Sustainability & Our Environmental Commitment

minimising our environmental impact

InterFocus and the Environment

We are committed to making sure our carbon footprint is shrinking year on year, and that our suppliers’ environmental impact is getting ever smaller. From design and planning through to our on-site staff, we continually review our processes to ensure that we are working as efficiently as possible, and with the least environmental impact.

This is central to our core belief that it is everyone’s responsibility to help protect and maintain our planet’s resources. All of our practices are carefully considered to ensure we are minimising our environmental impact every day, and operating in a completely ethical manner.

We play our Part

We have a Zero Landfill Policy

Small Changes Can Make a big Difference

When combined, all of these practices can make a huge difference to our planet for us, and for future generations. We are continually revising our sustainable efforts, identifying more ways we can operate in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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