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The Move to Get More Women Into Practical Sciences

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The Move to Get More Women Into Practical Sciences

STEM subjects have long been considered something of a boys club, with women receiving poor representation in many of these disciplines. From GCSE and A-Level to further education and the professional world, many of the sciences are heavily male dominated. However there are a number of movements attempting to encourage more women to enter the practical sciences – helping to improve the progression of the industry as a whole.

Charities and Foundations

A number of independent charities, campaigns and foundations have been set up to redress the gender imbalance in STEM subjects. Dedicated to ensuring that skilled scientific minds are given all the required support to enter the practical sciences, regardless of gender or background, these groups are looking to shake up how we view the sciences and the practitioners.

WISE is one such campaign, dedicated to inspiring an extra 1 million girls and women to pursue their dream careers in the sciences. Offering a range of training and consultancy services, WISE has been established to help guide females interested in a STEM career every step of the way – from securing the required qualifications to achieving their dream position.

Government Intervention

Demonstrating the urgency of getting more women into professional STEM roles, the Government has initiated a series of employer-led schemes to encourage more inclusive work environments in the industry. Offering benefits to employers actively seeking female candidates to fill STEM roles, these schemes have been developed to help propel the UK to the forefront of scientific industries, by utilising the skills of the entire population.

Inspiration from a Young Age

To help avoid female students dropping off science subjects, there has been a drive to improve the image of the sciences to the young. Attempting to eschew the tired stereotype that suggests scientists are nerds, Project MC² is a TV show with accompanying dolls designed to demonstrate that girls can be stylish and scientific. The TV show follows four intelligent schoolgirls who pursue the sciences to land jobs in a top spy agency, all the while doing things that normal schoolgirls do – surfing the web and being nervous around boys.

Project MC² had its initial run during the back end of 2015 and is currently awaiting renewal for a second series – but producers will be hoping the show is given more time to exert its influence over the next generation of scientists.

Improved Habitats

Far removed from the dingy computer rooms and science labs of yesteryear, modern research facilities are designed to encourage scientific advances whilst offering an enjoyable and beneficial working environment. Providing an inclusive environment and atmosphere can help STEM subjects and careers appeal to a larger percentage of the next generation – regardless of gender or background.

Of course, the last point is the one which InterFocus can help with. If you would like to create a friendly and accommodating working environment for your next generation of scientists, visit the InterFocus homepage or call our dedicated team on 01223 894833 for more information and fresh ideas.

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