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The Seven Most Innovative Science Laboratories on the Planet

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The Seven Most Innovative Science Laboratories on the Planet

Laboratories that WOW

These institutions are as awe-inspiring as they are pivotal to scientific progress. To celebrate the spirit of scientific research, we take a look at the seven most innovative science laboratories on the planet:

1. Experimental Mine – Missouri University of Science and Technology

Designed to train the next generation of industrial demolition experts – the experimental mine gives students the chance to blow things to smithereens. Students will learn how to blast smooth slices of quarry walls, implode buildings and design fireworks displays – almost everything that is loud and dangerous in the hands of the inexperienced.

2. Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Pasadena, California

Although NASA has canned their manned missions, they still need scientists to help explore deep space. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory gives students the chance to build their own spaceships and inter-galactic vessels. The laboratory is owned and operated by NASA – giving students the chance to learn from the greatest minds in space travel.

3. Pilot Brewery – University of California

Rest assured that the future of beer is in good hands – the University of California has a dedicated brewery to train future brew masters. Whereas brew masters of yesterday may have trained by mixing up ales in their bath – the dedicated laboratory offers education with the most advanced facilities in a carefully controlled environment.

4. Peruvian Amazon Field Course – New College Florida

Discovering more and more of the rainforest’s secrets – students on the Peruvian Amazon Field Course spend most of the lab time exploring the tree tops of Florida and Peru. Only 2% of forest canopies have been thoroughly explored – meaning there are plenty of opportunities for the next generation of rainforest biologists to make new discoveries and breakthroughs.

5. Toy Lab – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT may be well-known as one of the world’s best universities for the brightest young minds, but one of their most popular courses is quite light-hearted: toy design. The 90 students permitted on the course are challenged to design a toy or game in the innovative laboratory full of electronics, plush materials and googly eyes.

6. The Nuclear Reactor Laboratory – Reed College

It might sound like a recipe for disaster, but Reed College in Portland, Oregon gives students as young as 18 the opportunity to complete research and experiments with their in-house laboratory nuclear reactor. Only a handful of schools around the world have access to such technology but mostly only allow professionals and PhD. students to use them – however Reed College has opened it up to all trainee physics researchers and nuclear engineers.

7. Lightning Research Laboratory – University of Florida

Built around a massive lightning rod, the lightning research laboratory gives students the chance to trigger lightning during storms and examine it accordingly. The students are tasked with researching what causes lightning, how it will affect underground electrics and much more. Unfortunately, although Florida is quite a stormy part of the planet – some semesters offer only a limited number of storms.

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