How Important is Lighting in a Laboratory?

Lighting your laboratory properly is essential

It acts as a regulator for our internal body clock, and helps us to stay energised and alert. This makes it important to ensure that all laboratories, whether research, industrial or school, receive high levels of light.

We take a closer look at the reasons why good lighting is considered an important part of laboratory refurbishments and builds:

Increased Productivity

Scientists in the Lighting Research Center, New York have reported that naturally-lit environments can improve productivity and comfort. It has been determined that a science laboratory which is naturally lit can help provide the mental and visual stimulation which helps regulate human circadian rhythms (the body’s physical, mental and behavioural changes over a 24-hour period).

Lines of Communication

Dialogue is hugely important in the science laboratory – accommodating clear lines of communication, the sharing of ideas and instructions. A poorly-lit science laboratory can be a dangerous place with potentially unseen hazards. Unless an experiment is sensitive to light, it is important that all practical lessons are completed with appropriate levels of light.

Research Support

A clear and well-lit science laboratory can help minimise the risk of mistakes being made during practical experiments. Making it easier to clearly read and follow instructions and complete every step of the research – it is more likely that accurate and repeatable results will be reached when experimenting in a well-lit and clear laboratory.

Clear Results

Similarly, it is easier to accurately read results in a well-lit room. This is particularly pertinent when looking for subtle changes in colouration or slight variations in pattern. It is totally redundant to complete research if the results are difficult to decipher and cannot be used to further understand the scientific implications.

The InterFocus team can help you create science laboratories with effective lighting. Whether you want to create a laboratory which benefits from high levels of natural light or need to implement artificial and controlled light options, our comprehensive service can accommodate all requirements. Visit our homepage, or call our dedicated team on 01223 894833.

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