Things Your Science Teacher Taught You That Are Wrong

School can be difficult at the best of times – with exams to contend with, mind and body rushing through a host of changes, and a glut of peers to impress. At least you can always rely on your teachers to guide you in the right direction. Or can you?

Science teachers have been known to create little myths around scientific discoveries or simplify complex theories. Whilst this helps to keep 12 year olds engaged with difficult subject matter and digest information which would baffle PhD. graduates when presented in its purest form, it can undo some of the student/teacher trust built up over five years in the school labs.

And, whilst we don’t want to ruin your picture-perfect perception of your favourite science teacher, we believe you’ve a right to know when ol’ Mr Benson was telling little white lies about the scientific world. Especially if you’ve been using your Year 10 knowledge of the solar system to impress friends, colleagues and dates.

So, here we have dug up a collection of the most common white lies that science teachers like to tell their students, and completely debunk them. Here are the things your science teacher taught you that are wrong.

Things your science teacher thaught you that are wrong

We apologise if this has shattered your faith in your favourite science teacher, but we are confident they were only acting in your best interests and/or following the curriculum guidelines. But at least you are now equipped with the truth, and can really impress your colleagues with your keen scientific knowledge.

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