TV and Film’s Most Famous Laboratories [Infographic]

Back to the future scientist

When you think of scientists from both the silver and small screen, a familiar image tends to form in the mind. Dishevelled, eccentric, quite possibly mad, but almost always possessing near-genius levels of intellect, the profile of the bonkers boffin accomplishing deeds both benevolent and nefarious continues to prosper.

Just as memorable as the figures themselves are their places of work, cramped and dingy dominions furnished with an array of bubbling test tubes, tesla coils and all manner of alchemic creations. In film and TV, these over-theatrical science labs have been used as the testing grounds for some truly spectacular experiments, with varying degrees of success, logic and probability.

Some of these laboratories are steeped in reality, and could actually produce real scientific output – whereas others are purely fantastical, and their research just the stuff of science fiction. So, which famous laboratories of TV and film’s most beloved scientists could appear and prosper in real life? And which are just the stuff of literary dreams?

To answer this, we’ve delved deep into these at-times bizarre, often-fantastical and always intriguing worlds to bring you an infographic of the most famous laboratories from TV and film.

TV and Film’s Most Famous Laboratories

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this light-hearted look into fictional laboratories. Some of the more realistic laboratories may even bear resemblance to your own research suite, even if the scientific output is a little more fantastical.

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