Colchester Hospital

Colchester Hospital
New Laboratory & Infection Control Suite

Colchester Hospital approached us about supplying and installing furniture for an on-site testing laboratory. The detailed plan called for a secure area, an IPS station, general lab area and infection control area. Requiring an effective infection control suite, Colchester Hospital were in need of a laboratory environment which could help them complete a wide range of tests in a completely safe and sterile environment.

Providing services for around 370,000 people in Colchester and the surrounding north east Essex area; Colchester Hospital is an NHS Foundation Trust which can trace its history back almost 200 years. Staying abreast of the latest developments and medicinal practices has allowed Colchester Hospital to continue to provide the best care and support for all patients.

The trust offers a wide range of patient services, and operates an At Our Best programme to ensure that every patient receives the optimum levels of service and care throughout their stay at the hospital. We believed that it was our duty to ensure that the laboratory maintained these high standards found throughout the hospital.

Using our extensive experience, we were able to identify laboratory furniture perfectly suited to the client – ensuring the entire environment was safe and sterile, perfect for the intended purpose. Additionally, we furnished the laboratory to be incredibly efficient and simple for the whole research team to use.

Maintaining constant contact with the client, we were able to deliver a project which met Colchester Hospital’s project requirements. This helped the project run smoothly, on-time and on-budget.

The entire installation process took just two weeks, ensuring that Colchester Hospital could quickly benefit from the full services provided by the new laboratory. Completing the project on time, our installation team ensured that the hospital’s services received minimal disruption as a result of the implementation of the new laboratory.