Eurofins Turnkey Laboratory Installation

Eurofins Turnkey Analytical Laboratory Installation

Eurofins Scientific is a leading group of laboratory facilities spread over 39 countries, 11 of which are based right in here in the UK. The company provides reliable and validated analytical laboratory services including support to a wide range of industries such as Food, Pharmaceutical and Environmental.

Eurofins International has annual sales of around 1.9 billion euros and employees more than 22,000 staff in more than 225 laboratories around the world. With over 11 sites located right here in the UK the Eurofins group of companies provides a range of over 130,000 validated analytical methods and support services.

As part of their continued expansion EuroFins in the UK contacted InterFocus and asked to design and cost a new turnkey analytical laboratory facility. After submitting our initial design proposals, we invited Eurofins staff to come to our site to visit the factory and showroom and to then sit down with our project team and discuss and tweak the initial concept design to ensure that it met both their requirements and also any budget constraints.

InterFocus were then awarded the contract to provide a new facility for Eurofins in the UK to expand their analytical laboratory services. This project was to convert an existing industrial building of approx 8000 sq feet in size to a new analytical laboratory and associated facilities. InterFocus liaised with the building authorities on behalf of the client to ensure the project ran smoothly throughout.

The project comprised of:

  • Design and Installation of a new mezzanine floor
  • Installation of new partitions within the building to create individual laboratory zones and work areas.
  • New lab grade vinyl flooring was installed and fitted throughout.
  • Mechanical and Electrical services were designed and installed
  • Air conditioning was designed and installed to maintain temperature control throughout the building.
  • Installation of temperature controlled rooms.
  • Installation and supply of autoclaves & washers systems for the new lab facilities
  • New fume cupboards and extractions systems were installed.
  • The office work areas had new desks, office furniture and workstations manufactured and installed.
  • New laboratory furniture and worktops were manufactured and installed
  • A new Alarm and Security was installed throughout the building

All this was completed from concept to completion in 20 weeks.